NBA 我们特为参与马术运动的家长们提出十条准则

导读 为了让孩子们在参与马术运动的整个过程中充分享受马术运动带来的快乐,并得到正确的教育和指导,使身心得到锻炼,朝着健康的方向发展,我们特为参与马术运动的家长们提出十条准则,希望能够给家长们带来有益的启示。(1)请记住孩子们学习马术和参与比赛是为了快乐。因此,帮助您的孩子不论进步多少和比赛输赢,充分享受学习过程和比赛的乐趣。Please remem



Please remember that children learn equestrian sports and participate in competition for fun。 Therefore, help your children to enjoy the equestrian sports whatever improve fast or slow, competition win or lose。


Support your children by coming to the training class and competition。


Never criticize your children for mistakes, also never over-analyze his performance after the competition。


Cheer for all riders on the field, including other riders。


Please respect the judges and technical officers。


Never use any offensive language。


Please fully understand and not intervene in the coach‘s work in order to avoid children’s confusion.In addition, please respect the judges and technical officers, who devote a lot of time to your children。


Encourage your children to communicate directly with the coach when him/her is in trouble。 Responsibility is an important step towards maturity。


Sense of responsibility-Help your children attend the training class and competition on time。


Enjoy the fun from the equestrian sports with children。

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